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A Priceless Handbag?

A Priceless Handbag?

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Ever wonder who started the designer handbag trend? Well wonder no more. 

According to Curator Rachel Ward of The Courtauld Gallery this bag is believed to be from 1300's Mongolian Noblewoman. It was discovered in Mosul Iraq and thought to be the oldest know handbag in existence. 

It is brass and inlaid with gold and silver depicting a courtly scene. There are musicians, hunters, and revellers depicted. This would have been during the time of Genghis Khan's grandson, Hulagu. 

 According to Curator Rachel Ward of The Courtauld Gallery

Hulagu established a smaller dynasty, the Il-Khanids, who ruled the south western territories. They were known for having luxurious items from around the world in their courts. They were also known for drinking fermented mare's milk which may be why the bag depicts drinking and partying. 

It is interesting to note the noblewoman would use the bag but it was always carried by an attendant. 

We will let you know if one of these ends up here in our San Diego pawn shop

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