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Authenticity Guarantee


Our promise to you: We offer a lifetime return policy, for any item purchased from our site that is deemed inauthentic by a recognized third party expert.

Each designer handbag is inspected by an authenticity expert to ensure it meets all of our standards before it is sent to you. Not only do we buy and sell designer handbags on a daily basis, we also lend money against them. For this reason we spend countless hours training, studying, and using the latest technology to verify authenticity.

For most handbags we utilize an Entrupy device which takes microscopic photographs of the material and hardware of the bag. It is then compared to thousands of know authentic bags with the use of computer algorithms. Entrupy is the only authenticator that offers a financial guarantee against financial loss if the handbag is determined fake.


ur goal is to offer a safe shopping experience for our customers. If any item purchased from our site is deemed inauthentic by a well-recognized authentication expert, we will take it back and offer a full refund, including all shipping costs. Documentation from the well reputed source stating their findings is required.

  1. Contact a trained authentication expert to have your item authenticated. Provide a written statement of the findings. We will pay for the authentication if deemed not to be authentic.
  2. Send statement to Posh Pawn via email
  3. We will contact the authenticator. If the final determination is the item is found to be a fake, we will issue a prepaid return shipping label and refund shipping and authentication costs.

We are committed to making your pre owned luxury shopping safe and enjoyable. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please note: The sales associates at the designer stores are not trained in authentications, and are usually unfamiliar with vintage or past styles.