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We Offer Upscale Watches at Posh Pawn’s Online Shop

We are happy to give you money on the spot for your luxury designer watches at our pawn shop. We cater to men and women of any age who are ready to pawn or sell second-hand watches from their collections. We have a variety of great items to find in our shop that will match your unique style.

We welcome any luxury item from your collections and guarantee an accurate estimate and a fair value for your items. If you choose to pawn your watches with us, you will not need to fill out any forms or go to your local bank to get confirmation for a transaction. We do not have strict requirements for your credit card history either. You can get the money right away and then pay it back within the predetermined period.

If you want to sell your watches instead of pawn them, we can provide you with a fair quote within moments! Just bring in the watches you want to sell and get paid right away at our pawn shop. Fair and quick, our service can solve cash shortages in minutes.

Why are we better than other pawn shops at selling watches?

Through our years of existence, we have proved to be a magnet for clients ready to part with their luxury items. We are especially comfortable dealing with rare antiques and other collectibles, as we have vast experience in evaluating and selling them. We are proud owners of a large set of watches here at Posh Pawn. Our collections are diverse: we accept high-quality items and know how to obtain and sell them exceptionally well.

We constantly revise our prices and offer special deals and discounts on occasion. Do not miss the opportunity to become a proud owner of one of the luxury items in our store!