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Cash shortages happen to everyone. Our goal is to help you during this time by making the process painless. All loans are completely confidential and can be set up by appointment in our private back office for larger transactions. Loans are funded same day.

Steps for a successful Loan with Posh Pawn


Provide Collateral

Jewelry, Electronics, Art, Luxury Handbags, Gold, Watches, Art, Collectibles, airplanes, and more.


Agree to Loan Terms

Four month loans which can be repaid any time with no penalty. Fees vary depending on loan size.


Receive Money

There are no qualifications other than the valuation of the collateral. No credit check and no waiting for a loan approval.

Get Quote

Loan Example

We offer $1,000 loan against your item...

You can return anytime during the next three months, pay $1,126 and redeem your item.

If you choose to return during the fourth month the total cost would be $1,156 to redeem your item.

If the item is not redeemed by the end of the fourth month it will be forfeited to us after a 10 day final grace period.

Disclosure: There are more details and terms to the transaction and this only serve as a basic explanation of one pawn loan. Complete terms are available on request. This loan example includes: $35 loan fee, $1 storage fee, $156 interest fee, 46% apr, 4 month term. Item may be eligible for replacement loan at end of period.