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Posh Pawn provides loans for your designer handbags and other items you own. We can offer fast cash for your bags immediately. As an established company, we have vast experience in evaluating handbags of different types, including clutches, shoulder bags, sling bags or purses.

We guide our clientele through the entire process of acquiring a loan or just selling outright. As a luxury pawn shop, we deal with the finest examples of designer handbags, including trusted brands ranging from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermés. 

We also buy your designer handbags. Just submit the item you want to sell and we will send you an estimate usually within the day!

How do we appraise your designer handbags?

  • We look for comparable sold ones online
  • We take into consideration the design, style, and age
  • We carefully examine the condition of the bag

How can you be sure your Louis Vuitton handbag is ready to pawn or sell?

  1. Make sure you have removed all personal items from your bag
  2. Clean both the inside and outside of your bag properly
  3. Locate dust bags, receipts, etc as it will increase the value and authentication process. 

How to pawn/sell a cheap Versace handbag for the best value
Follow the steps described above to pawn or sell your Prada handbag or a more exquisite Louis Vuitton handbag for a great price. You will not need to consider any other pawn shops in San Diego! We are able to offer the highest bid for your items.

Posh Pawn will keep your items secure, and ensure fast, safe, and confidential transactions every day. Unlike other selling or pawn providers in California, our service works great for every customer. Join the most trusted pawn shop family in San Diego now!