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Estate Jewelry (3 Items)

We welcome your estate jewelry, including rings, pendants and bracelets in any condition. We feature a collection of classic estate jewelry diamond rings and fine pieces of antique alexandrite jewelry. With our vast expertise in appraising all types of diamonds, our professional team of experts is ready to accept your possessions at our shop.

We appraise any luxury ring from estate jewelry collections

  • Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously used or owned.
  • Estate jewelry emeralds, rubies and sapphires go through a thorough examination by our experts.
  • Vintage jewelry includes items that have been in use for at least one generation.
  • The estate vintage ruby rings in our collection have a special place separate from other pieces of jewelry. 
  • Antique jewelry is jewelry that is more than one hundred years old. We have rich experience in appraising any estate alexandrite ring regarded as an antique.

Estate jewelry diamond rings allow you to travel back in time

We are comfortable accepting diamond rings and are ready to pawn and buy them. If you decide to sell your pieces, we will offer you the fairest prices possible. We will take in consideration the origin, materials and the current condition of your items.

We are active buyers of antique Alexandrite jewelry

If you inherited antique rings or no longer need these items, feel free to sell them at Posh Pawn shop. If you need quick cash, you can pawn or sell jewelry hassle-free, without any personal questions.

We boast a fine set of antique diamond rings, bracelets and pendants for your consideration if you choose to buy from us.

Those who admire creativity and gorgeous design can navigate through our online collections and choose their favorite jewelry. Pick any piece from our collection and we will offer you a discount. We want our clients to be loyal and try hard to build our customers’ trust!