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Designer Jewelry (4 Items)

If you are looking for the best prices at local pawn shops, your search may take a long time. This is especially true for luxury designer rings, bracelets and pendants. We at Posh Pawn are aware of your necessity to get the most value out of your collectibles. That is why we offer a value that is beyond comparison with other pawn shops.

We are professional appraisers of designer items by Tiffany, Van Cleef, Yurman, etc. 

If you are a proud owner of a David Yurman crossover ring or a posh beaded bracelet by Tiffany, you can pawn or sell us your goods if you need cash fast. We hold to the highest standards of professionalism, and constantly refresh our knowledge of jewelry, cooperating with auction houses every day. We feel comfortable accepting high-quality jewelry by Hermės or any other designer in our pawn shop.

How we evaluate vintage and top-tier David Yurman crossover rings

We appraise the following attributes when appraising a piece of jewelry made either by Lois Hill or Tiffany:

  • The designer – a Lois Hill signature on your jewelry adds value to it
  • Carat weight and material – white gold is valued higher
  • Diamonds – we evaluate your jewelry by any designer like Sophia Fiori in minutes
  • Condition – consider cleaning your pieces if necessary – this can help you get more cash.

Send us pictures of your collections and we will provide a qualified consultation free of charge. Your jewelry deserves the highest rates when it is accepted as collateral! That is why it is better not to waste time and submit your item for evaluation now! We are a high-end pawn shop dealing with luxury items every day. Diamonds, top-quality gold and silver come into our shop in a constant flow – we actually send them out for grading at certified institutions.

You can also buy designer jewelry at Posh Pawn. Don’t lose the chance to become a proud owner of one of our fabulous pieces. We are thrilled to offer a discount to our customers!