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Art at Posh Pawn Shop

Posh Pawn accepts artwork as collateral and provides fair loans stress-free. We are also among the most sophisticated art buyers in San Diego, and are ready to consider paintings, sculptures and sketches of different origins and display them at our shop.

The number of pawn shops who accept artwork as collateral is not large. Despite this fact, we see that our service is in great demand. You can certainly sell a painting that you inherited from your relatives at a local auction. However, you will not receive cash right away. If you pawn a piece art at our shop, you will not have to wait months for your money.

What makes us the best art buyers in San Diego

We have vast expertise in various spheres of knowledge, including artwork. We collaborate with several auction houses who understand the latest trends that dominate the market of collectibles. Our experts have a solid understanding of fine art – we provide quick and fair appraisals. Any piece of art will be accurately appraised at our pawn shop!

Are you ready to pawn or sell art?

We are ready to buy the items you are ready to part with! We will be happy to offer you a great value for your items. If you are not sure whether to sell a certain possession or not, feel free to send us a picture before heading to our physical store: we can give you a free consultation. If you choose to sell the item, submit it for appraisal and get paid right away! It’s as simple as that, our service fits the needs of any client who needs cash fast.