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Our Mission is to provide first class service to our customers. Our comfortable showroom allows for safe, relaxed transactions with options for private consultations.
We strive to provide the best possible experience possible. We specialize in jewelry and gold buying, diamonds, designer handbags, and high end watches. Serving mostly San Diego however customers come from all over the country to visit our upscale pawn shop.

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We offer short term, four month loans against a variety of items.
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" I came here a few months ago to pawn a few items and the people here were really honest and fair. Once they agreed to buy from me, it was a fast and easy process from there and they actually paid me more than I expected. Aside from selling my items, this shop has some really nice jewelry and is pretty fancy for a pawn shop. I had a good experience and would suggest you come here if you're looking to sell your jewelry. "

Janina F.

" Amazing service, David is a straight forward and honest guy. He took his time and gave me an excellent price. Highly recommended. Hands down best pawn shop Ive ever been to. "

Hanaa S.

" Fantastic place. Very professional and thorough. The staff is always helpful and friendly. Their pawn/loan system is the best and very easy to understand and deal with their terms. Great place to buy at also, beautiful merchandise. "

Shari P.

" Not your typical pawn shop in San Diego! Truly this place offers AMAZING jewelry at reasonable prices in a upscale and clean environment. The owners, David and Paola are the friendliest owners and are very knowledgeable with every item in their store. Plus, they also employ excellent staff that make you feel relaxed and give the best customer service. It only takes one visit to this gem of a pawn shop to make you feel hooked on the beautiful and unique jewelry they have that you'll want to become a regular customer! "

Nadine Z.

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Jewelry, Gems, Music Instruments, Luxury Handbags, Art, Coins, Airplanes

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Are you looking for the best pawn shop in California?

Posh Pawn is a family-owned business in San Diego. It specializes in buying jewelry, art, collectibles and more. We are also ready to buy, sell, and hold your slightly used handbags, musical instruments, and items made from precious metals. We have hassle-free transactions for you to get cash quickly and safely. If you are looking for the best pawn shop in California, you have come to the right place!
Our goal is to provide amazing service that is: Fast, Easy, Reliable. Just bring in the items as collateral and let us research and assess them. We are constantly developing our expertise in the materials we work with and provide fair valuations for any visitor. We actively buy diamonds and fine jewelry! You will not find a pawn shop in San Diego with the same level of service as Posh Pawn.
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How to obtain a successful loan at Posh Pawn shop in San Diego

  • Posh Pawn is the best pawn shop in the area for loans of all sizes.
    We welcome a variety of types of collateral, which will be stored under strict surveillance. There are no credit checks or other approval process other than the value of the collateral!
  • We are aware of the needs of our clients and do our utmost to offer the best terms in our loan agreements. There are no penalties against your credit score or any reporting of any kind.
  • Our goal is to be your favorite pawn shop, that can cover your financing needs. You can count on our service to help you be more confident in tomorrow!