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Professional Criminals Are Targeting Handbag Stores

Professional Criminals Are Targeting Handbag Stores

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In January 10 thieves broke into Hermés at the Fashion Valley Mall here in San Diego. The heist netted them over $500,000 in designer handbags and goods. The video of the break-in is amazing to watch. 


A month later 5 thieves walked into the Chanel store inside Nordstroms, armed with mace in broad daylight. After grabbing several handbags they were able to escape. 

In  March of last year, handbags at Neiman Marcus were also the target of the thieves. They made away with about $150,000 worth of merchandise. 

All of these occurred at the Fashion Valley mall here in San Diego.  Up in Palo Alto earlier this year a group of 10 thieves went into the Gucci store at the mall and snatched over $100,000 of handbags in full view of the customers and employees. 

The criminals are learning the value of these bags and are not just targeting individuals but the stores that sell them. 

We thought we'd share some  tips to avoid being a victim yourself:

What Purse Thieves Are Watching For...

  • Someone who leaves her purse draped over a chair.
  • or who leaves a  wallet sticking out.
  • Someone who leaves her purse in shopping cart. 
  • A handbag or shopping bag left in a car.
  • Someone who has set their bag down on a counter or table.
  • Handbag left alone in a dressing room.
How To Prevent Thefts.
  • Always be conscious of your surroundings. Don't be so immersed in your phone you aren't aware of what and who is around you.
  • Never leave your handbag unattended, even the shopping cart.
  • When using Uber/Lyft double check the license plate of the car with the app.
  • Always walk in busy well lit areas. Hold your bag close to your body.
  • Don't flash money or valuables in public.

If you do have someone who is determined to steal your bag remember it isn't worth getting hurt or killed over. Everything is replaceable except you. 


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