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Cleaning Your Canon DSLR Sensor

Cleaning Your Canon DSLR Sensor

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Whenever you change lenses on your DSLR camera you are exposing the sensor to dust in the air. Dust is normal occurrence that comes with shooting a digital camera.

We find people are very nervous about trying to clean the sensor themselves so we have uploaded a quick video to our youtube chanel to show how easy it really is. 

Please note that before cleaning the sensor try removing the lens and give the sensor a couple blasts of air from a puffer. Also try the camera's automatic sensor cleaning. If those don't work move on to manually cleaning. 

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The sensor cleaning kits are widely available on Amazon for around $15.00 

After you have mustered the courage and tackled this easy task, take a few pictures of a plain white surface. Move the camera a bit between shots. When you look at the photo's on your computer (without zooming in) look for specks in the same location on the different photos.

If you see any it is an indication there is either still dust on the sensor or there is an issue with dead pixels on the sensor. Try cleaning again. 

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