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Carat, Karat, and Carrots!

Carat, Karat, and Carrots!

It's all so confusing. One you weigh, one is for purity, and well, the last one you eat. If you already know the difference you probably work in the jewelry industry. If not stay tuned we'll break it down for you.  Carat. First used around the 15th century and from the French word carat. Apparently the French stole it from the Italians who called it Carato. They stole it from the...

Crazy Gold? You decide.

As one of San Diego's largest gold buyers we end up melting A LOT of gold every month. We are always brainstorming about what we could make with it besides just jewelry.  Apparently we aren't alone as here are some crazy things we found that other people have made from gold.    1. 32 year old Datta Phuge from India, thought it would be cool to make this shirt out...