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Crazy Gold? You decide.

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As one of San Diego's largest gold buyers we end up melting A LOT of gold every month. We are always brainstorming about what we could make with it besides just jewelry. 

Apparently we aren't alone as here are some crazy things we found that other people have made from gold. 


San Diego's pawn largest gold buyers

1. 32 year old Datta Phuge from India, thought it would be cool to make this shirt out of $22,000 worth of gold. 




Crazy Gold




2. Created by GoVacuum, has a 10 amp motor, a wide cleaning nozzle and anti-marring urethane wheels. For a cool $1,000,000 if can be yours. 




ideas to melt and make from the gold







3. This Lamborghini Aventador is made from a 500kg solid block of gold and costs 7.5 million dollars to build. There is a 25 kilograms of gold in this car! 

The Aventador has a V12 engine and a massive 700bhp; it has a seven-speed transmission, and reaches 100kmph in under 3 seconds.




gold pawn

4. For $210 you can buy these shiny office supplies created by Dutch design house, Oooms.  Sure to impress any teacher on your next report. 




San Diego gold pawn

5. Want to make sure the Jone's don't keep up next time. Well for $164,000 you can get this 24k plated barbecue. Yes, the inside and every component is plated with gold as well. 




more unusual golds pawn

 6. Amazing 18-karat solid gold Monopoly set covered with hundreds of precious gemstones is about as opulent as you can get for a board game.  Valued at 2 million dollars, you better be good at the real life version to be able to afford it. 
By all means let us know if you have any ideas for us since these ones are already taken. 

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