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Under 40 Not Allowed

Under 40 Not Allowed

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"Do you guys know what that is"? I ask to a couple of our younger employees. I'm pointing at the picture of the Spruce Goose airplane on the wall of of our pawn shop. 

"Isn't it a submarine-airplane"? one of them answers. She's 20 and giving me the usual type of answer we get when young customers are visiting the store and see  our memorabilia hanging on the walls. 

"Do you know what war it was used in"? I ask. 

"Umm, no I don't" she answers "The Civil War" I lie to her. 

It's not always the Spruce Goose that makes me feel old. Usually it's the shadow box near the door containing a signed Eric Clapton guitar. The younger customers will see it and go "whoa, who's that"? 

Eric Clapton signed guitar memorabilia

"Come on, you know...Eric Clapton"! I say as I start singing Layla.

I see nothing but confusion on their faces.

"He was the first Beatle. You guys know the Beatles right". 

"Heard of them, ya" they answer. 

 It's at this point they usually start scanning the store hard for something familiar that might actually be interesting. That's when they'll spot him sitting on his bed next to the desks. 

"oh, he's so cute" they always say. "what kind of dog is he"? 

Spruce Goose photo pawn

"Miniature German Shepherd" I say. 


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