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When a friend’s birthday, a girlfriend’s anniversary, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion is coming, jewelry is the best gift. So, whether you want to buy an engagement ring or a nice gift, you’ll find the best match at Posh Pawn shop - an online buyer of jewelry.

How are we different from other San Diego jewelry buyers?

We will find you a great addition to your personal style, fitting in at both casual and official functions:

  • At our pawn shop, you can find jewelry for sale that would make a perfect gift for a mom, daughter, girlfriend, or spouse.
  • The jewelry is easy to take care of - you can just polish it with a jeweler’s cloth. We have already had our jewelry bring it back to new condition. 
  • We offer dozens of rings and chains of different colors and materials so you can find the best fit for your style. 

A beautiful piece of jewelry is always a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Bridesmaids look stunning while wearing our jewelry, with golden earrings and necklaces. Bracelets and heart-shaped chains make an amazing gift your girlfriend won’t forget.

Best place for pawned jewelry

At Posh Pawn shop, we help you add to the happiness of your special occasions and events.

As one of the best pawn shops for jewelry, we have a beautiful collection of watches that work extremely well for official meetings. They are stylish, comfortable to wear, and easy to take care of.

Posh Pawn - an online shop for jewelry

You can buy the best jewelry for everyday wear and special occasions by simply adding the item you would like to purchase to the cart. Later, our manager will contact you and discuss the terms of delivery. If you have other detail to discuss, email us or give us a call.