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Engagement Rings (17 Items)

If you want to raise cash for your assets, pawned diamond rings could be the perfect choice. If you inherited a piece of fine jewelry, or want to sell or pawn engagement rings in San Diego, you are in the right place. We at Posh Pawn are ready to close the deal within a day.

How to make money from pawned diamond rings

Submit your rings for evaluation at our local shop and get accurate answers on how much you can get for them. We appraise each piece of jewelry (be it Charles and Colvard engagement rings or cheaper items) according to up-to-date market values. Then we offer you a loan, and if you agree to it, we make the transaction. Your assets are securely stored in our facilities after that. We return your property after you pay back the full value of the loan with interest.

How to sell engagement rings in San Diego

If you do not want to have any kind of debt, you might get the best value out of our pawn shop by selling your ring. In that case, you will not lose cash and instead will get more money from your second-hand jewelry. Risk-free and fast, the process of selling will take place within a 24-hour period.

I want to sell inherited mid-century engagement rings. Will you properly appraise them?

Posh Pawn’s specialists will determine the value of any engagement ring, taking into account:

  • Metal purity
  • Weight
  • The state of the market

We specialize in rare and expensive items and have the proper qualifications to evaluate them properly. Our expert opinion has already satisfied hundreds of customers! Get the highest bids for your possessions at Posh Pawn today!